‘praxis’, from the latin. ‘to do, to act’, concerns the encounter with yoga as it is, shorn of tradition, abstraction and the conceptual. Praxis includes observations, reflections and remembrances, it engages with what actually occurs in the practice space. Freed from what ‘should’ be happenening the realities of the moment are and the vicissitudes of the emotionalphysical body are investigated.

The work below is part of a series of Andrew’s artworks called ‘ontologia’; notes, aphorisms, slogans and observations on Yoga practice that avoid the rational/intellectual in favour of a precise and intuitive record of experience.

Although distinctive themes might be discerned, in the spirit of Yoga they are presented here without any sense of taxonomy. Experience is like this, as it rarely conforms to our desire for order. It just is. Likewise the work below jist ‘is’, occuring spontaneously within Yoga practice or as statements about Yoga practice.

“when i practice Yoga how can i not bring everything with me? my body, my thoughts, my emotions and even my culture are present there too. These are my materials, this is my work, and Yoga becomes an alchemical process until the ‘my’ of the self is also subsumed into the practice and into the ‘as is’.”



the use of artifacts, recycled material and media in this process, for me reflects the contingent and timeless nature of Yoga.

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