Day Retreats

The next Yoga day will be on Saturday 3rd March 2018

 Each day costs £45 inclusive of Vegetarian lunch. We start at 10.00am and finish around 4.30pm.

Our Yoga days are currently held at Porthallow on the North Lizard coast. The hall is situated at the edge of the beach so the sea provides a constant backdrop for our days practise. During the day we explore our Yoga slowly and patiently, refining and adjusting our approach, restoring energy and releasing tension where appropriate.

The day is joint taught by us so you get the opportunity to receive attention and feedback from us whenever required. Ultimately it is a day to stop, be with yourself and give things a chance to unwind so that you can return to the world clearer and more relaxed.

Our emphasis is on cultivating patience and attention so that we can learn to listen to the body’s innate intelligence and sensitivity. We do this through encouraging gentle movement, the exploration of posture and energy and the gradual expansion of the breath. We work always with an awareness of our relationship with gravity so that we can develop both strength and find release. We also introduce simple meditations and awarenesses that can be cultivated as positive habits in life. The end of the day sees us relax deeply, restoring energy before our re-entry into the world.

Everyone is welcome to these days as there is time and space to cultivate a deeply personal and intuitive appraoch to the yoga. Limitatons and challenges are endemic to being human and Yoga is a way of relating to to ourselves as we are……………. just bring a Yoga mat, a sense of humour and a willingness to let go!

Weekend Retreats

We are curently finalising dates for a weekend retreat in 2017

The idea of ‘retreat’, has been universal in the healing traditions. For us, to ‘retreat’ means to positively withdraw from our regular living situation so that we can take time and space for ourselves. This helps us to review our way of being, consider any changes we think necessary and to physically and mentally nourish ourselves so that we can better engage with life on our return.

We can attend a regular class with the same intention to withdraw and reflect. However, when we choose to take a day or a weekend, the process becomes more powerful.

There is an innate need for balance in the human being. The pull outward towards doing and relationship is firmly rooted in us as social beings in an interdependent society. In the global village we need never trouble ourselves with aloneness, boredom or reflection if we don’t want to.

Less obvious is the compensatory need to turn inwards, to quieten and to just be. Every being needs a level of this for balance. Dissipated energies require renewal, work requires rest, and whilst it’s wonderful to fully express ourselves it’s equally good to become receptive, to listen sometimes. This is where yoga and our sense of retreat can help us. Our practise reminds us that there is a powerful quality in the quiet arts of sitting, watching and being, in doing things because we can, for no other purpose.
In all our retreats we utilise place as well as time. We choose locations that accentuate the sense of retreat and allow you opportunity for walking and resting in nature, places where we can notice the little things that we often miss when we’re rushing around being useful!