Writing about yoga is not Yoga. There are already too many words in the world.

In practise we are looking for a certain kind of silence. It is a silence that is not dependent on the world becoming a quiet place because the world cannot be a quiet place. It is not its nature.

If yoga is anything then it is the practise of allowing a natural silence to be present regardless of conditions. It is about realising that our own natures have a clear, empty and open quality that can be cultivated by turning away fromthe noise.

This is very difficult to do. It is also very simple.

The world is made of stories. We are weaned on stories, brought up on them, seeped in them. To find yoga we have to unstory the world. We have to unstory ourselves.

We have to realise that our stories are dry bones. They have no substance. The more we grasp at ourselves the more dust there is. The more we strive the less we find.

When we stop listening to the stories there is a silence. After this, words are of no more use. We have to learn to feel this silence, experience its textures and its resonance, we have to become lost in it, to go in, and then in further, and then in further still

and there is the yoga…..